IBM - Act of War Direct Action (DVD ROM)

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Date Available: 18-Mar-2005
Barcode: 742725251410
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Ripped from today's headlines, Act of War is a frightening and believable tale of suspense, international intrigue and geopolitical military conflict. Through a techno-thriller story constructed by best-selling author Dale Brown, this real-time strategy experience puts you squarely in control of counterterrorist forces to defend cities of the world. It's the first look at tomorrow's war.You command units of a newly formed anti-terror military unit known as the Talon Task Force. During missions, you will recruit combat units, develop technologies, manage finite resources, and deploy your forces. Cinematic sequences, intelligence reports and in-game events reported through 'real' communication channels (such as news feeds or satellite links with command officers) propel the story forward.Highly realistic modern military technology, recognizable world cities such as Washington D.C., London, and San Francisco, and a story by best-selling author Dale Brown all contribute to the authenticity of the Act of War experience. Capture enemy soldiers. Rescue hostages and civilians within cities under siege. Experience the first look at tomorrow's war. No place is safe!

Act of War: Direct Action    (PC-CD)
AKA: Act of War

Format: (1 Disc)
System Requirements: Intel Pentium 4 1.5 GHz or equivalent CPU 256 MB RAM 7 GB hard disk DirectX 9.0c 128 MB video card w
Region: 4
Released: 2005-04-01 - Released
Production Year: 2005
Distributor: Atari
EAN_13: 0742725251410
Rating: M - Moderate violence
Genre: RTS
Other Genres: Action  War 
Aspect Ratio:
Information x
Storyline and game universe created in close cooperation with Dale Brown, 15 times NY Times best-selling author and expert on US military, global conflict and future military technology.
Zoom down to street level on the urban battlefields of San Francisco, Washington DC, London and Moscow; all highly detailed, realistic, and fully destructible. With a game-play where success is partly determined by your ability to medevac your own wounded
First RTS to combine a reality universe with simple, elegant game play. The game uses highly detailed representations of existing and experimental military technology, all to scale
Strong focus on exceptional production values (audio, cinematics, story, technology)
Full 3D with ability to zoom in to see the action up-front for full immersion into the action.
Level of detail in character animations and textures only seen in FPS games to date.
Extensive multiplayer options and single-player skirmish mode for infinite replayability.

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