DVD - All Saints - 2006 Season Boxset

All Saints - 2006 Season Boxset
Brand: Universal
Weight: 0.410
Date Available: 01-Dec-2010
Barcode: 5050582800838
No Longer Available through Supplier

All Saints: 2006 Season    (DVD)

"Rocked by the death of Nelson's fiance, emotions boil over and conflict brews between Cate and Charlotte. Who will go to jail? Will the team get through this? Tensions mount as Deanna lodges a sexual harassment claim against Frank, rocking the ED to its core. The team then goes further into crisis mode when one of their own is found at deaths door and Nelson hits rock bottom forcing Frank into a heartbreaking decision.

Many new faces join the team in 2006, with Mike Vlasek entering as the Head of Surgery and Spence returning - though not to everyones liking. 2006 also brings some light hearted relief when Mike, Cate and Jack get their 15 minutes of fame battling to save a badly injured reality show contestant live on air. Erica and Bart take their lives into their own hands when they try and set Von up with a patient, and Frank makes a surprise trip to Paris in pursuit of love!

The season ends under a black cloud as Cate's partying ways spiral out of control and she is brought into hospital after a drug overdose. At the same time, a disturbed man brings a gun into the ED with disastrous results. Who will survive?"

Format: PAL (10 Discs)
Released: 2010-09-29
Production Year: 2006
Distributor: USPHE
EAN_13: 5050582800838
Run Time: 1727 mins
Rating: M - mature themes,violence,sexual references,coarse language and surgical procedures
Genre: Drama
Layer Type: DVD9
1.78:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
Packaging Box Set* Suppliers do change packaging from time to time.

11 DVD box set. The Complet eSixth Season of All Saints, featuring 43 episodes! Welcome to "All Saints Western General Hospital" where Nurse Unit Manager Terri Sullivan and her staff cope daily with the dramas of life on a hospital ward. Ward 17 takes a wide variety of cases from around the hospital, so they never know what will hit them next. Dealing with a broad spectrum of medical conditions and the unpredictable demands and needs of their patients means that these Doctors and Nurses have to be the best. It takes a special personality to be on the line all the time. But they are also very human, with complicated private lives and relationship issues that see them battling with their emotions just like the rest of us. They may not be perfect, but the staff of Ward 17 are exactly the kind of people you would want looking after you.

All Saints - Season 06 Box Set    (DVD)

Georgie Parker , Jeremy Cumpston , Libby Tanner ,
Format: PAL (10 Discs)
Region: 4
Released: 2010-09-29 - 1
Production Year: 2003
Distributor: Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Australia Pty Ltd
EAN_13: 5050582800838
Run Time: 1970 mins
Rating: M -
Consumer Advice: Mature Themes And Coarse Language 
Sexual References And Surgical Procedures 
Genre: Drama
Other Genres: Australian 
Aspect Ratio:
1.78:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
English - Yes

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