BLR - American Beauty Blu-Ray

American Beauty Blu-Ray
Brand: Paramount
Weight: 0.100
Date Available: 21-Apr-2011
Barcode: 9324915037434
No Longer Available through Supplier

American Beauty    (BLR)

... look closer Lester Burnham a depressed suburban father in a mid-life crisis decides to turn his hectic life around after developing an infatuation for his daughter's attractive friend.

Chris Cooper,  Kevin Spacey,  Thora Birch,  Wes Bentley, 
Sam Mendes, 
Alan Ball, 
Format: (1 Disc)
Released: 2011-04-21
Production Year: 2011
Distributor: PAR
EAN_13: 9324915037434
Run Time: 121 mins
Rating: MA15+ - Adult themes; Drug use; Medium level violence
Genre: Drama
1080p high definition
16:9 widescreen
Packaging Blu Ray* Suppliers do change packaging from time to time.
Origin USA
... look closer
Look closer at the most talked about film. A funny, moving and shocking journey through life in suburban America. Look closer at fortysomething ad man Lester Burnham and his status-seeking wife, Carolyn, as their marriage and lives slowly unravel. Lester's wife hates him, his daughter Jane regards him with contempt, and his boss is positioning him for the axe. Look closer, as Lester decides to make a few changes in his life; the freer he gets, the happier he gets. But Lester is about to learn that the ultimate freedom comes at the ultimate price. Look closer at an acclaimed cast led by the brilliant performances from Kevin Spacey as Lester and Annette Bening as Carolyn. Look closer at a "flat-out masterpiece" (Rod Dreher, New York Post). Won 5 Oscars including - Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor (Kevin Spacey), Best Original Screenplay (Alan Ball), Best Cinematography (Conrad L Hall).

American Beauty (1999)    (Blu Ray)

Kevin Spacey , Annette Bening , Thora Birch , Allison Janney , Peter Gallagher , Mena Suvari , Wes Bentley , Chris Cooper ,
Sam Mendes ,
Format: PAL (1 Disc)
Region: B
Released: 2011-04-21 - 1
Production Year: 1999
Distributor: Paramount Home Entertainment
EAN_13: 9324915037434
Run Time: 122 mins
Rating: MA15+ -
Consumer Advice: Adult Themes 
Medium Level Violence 
Genre: Drama
Other Genres: Award - BAFTA - Actor  Award - BAFTA - Actress  Award - BAFTA - Film  Award - OSCAR - Actor  Award - OSCAR - Director  Award - OSCAR - Picture 
Aspect Ratio:
1080P HD
1080p high definition
16:9 widescreen
English - Yes
English Captions

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