BLR - Angel Heart Blu-Ray

Angel Heart Blu-Ray
Brand: Universal
Weight: 0.100
Date Available: 01-Sep-2010
Barcode: 5050582770162
No Longer Available through Supplier

Angel Heart    (BLR)

New York 1955. Angel is an unemployed detective who cheerfully accepts a job from the strange Mr. Cyphre: find a disfigured and amnesic former singer who disappeared ten years ago without paying a debt. From the streets of Harlem to voodoo ceremonies in New Orleans, his investigation quickly becomes a descent into hell.

Robert De Niro,  Lisa Bonet,  Mickey Rourke,  George Buck,  Nicole Burdette,  Hope Clarke,  Sarita Allen, 
Alan Parker, 
Format: PAL (1 Disc)
Released: 2010-06-02
Production Year: 1987
Distributor: USPHE
EAN_13: 5050582770162
Run Time: 113 mins
Rating: R18+ -
Genre: Horror
Layer Type: RSDL
1080p High Definition Widescreen
Packaging Blu Ray* Suppliers do change packaging from time to time.

FROM THE DIRECTOR OF ANGELA'S ASHES AND THE LIFE OF DAVID GALE.IT WILL SCARE YOU TO YOUR VERY SOUL.Harry Angel is hired for $125 a day to track down the big band singer Johnny Favourite. What seems like a straight forward missing person case dramatically becomes a murder hunt for this down-and-out private detective. His client, Louis Cyphre, a mysterious stranger, is forced to up his fee to keep Angel on the case.Each of Angel's leads ends up as a victim of a ritualistic act of murder, as he begins to put together the pieces in the jigsaw of Johnny's strange story...The nightmare has only just begun.

Angel Heart    (Blu Ray)

Mickey Rourke , Robert De Niro , Charlotte Rampling , Lisa Bonet ,
Alan Parker ,
Format: PAL (1 Disc)
Region: B
Released: 2010-06-02 - 1
Production Year: 1987
Distributor: Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Australia Pty Ltd
EAN_13: 5050582770162
Run Time: 109 mins
Rating: R18+ -
Consumer Advice: Restricted To 18 And Over 
Genre: Drama
Aspect Ratio:
1080p High Definition Widescreen
English - Yes

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