DVD - Bolshoi Ballet, The - Glory Of The Bolshoi, The

Bolshoi Ballet, The - Glory Of The Bolshoi, The
Brand: Warner Vision
Weight: 0.100
Date Available: 01-Jan-2001
Barcode: 745099961626
No Longer Available through Supplier

This fascinating footage of many of the company's greatest dancers draws on five years' research in Russia's film archives. Features black & white and colour footage.

Glory Of The Bolshoi, The    (DVD)

Natalia Bessmertnova , Vakhtang Chaboukiani , Ekaterina Geltzer , Musa Gottlieb , Pyotr Gusev , Mikhail Lavrovksy , Olga Lepeshinskaya , Maris Liepa , Ekaterina Maximova , Maya Plisetskaya , Marina Semenova , Galina Ulanova , Valdimir Vasiliev ,
Format: PAL (1 Disc)
Region: 2,3,4,5,6
Released: 2001-03-19 - Released
Production Year: 1995
Distributor: Warner Vision
EAN_13: 745099961626
Run Time: 96 mins
Rating: G -
Genre: Special Interest
Other Genres: Ballet 
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
4:3 Full Frame
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