Benefits of WordPress CMS

Benefits of wordpress websites

Wordpress has been commonly known for use in blogging. However, non-blogging websites have also taken it up as their chosen content management software such as X1 Photography. On the other hand, if you are starting up ecommerce then you should consider Shopify. Jackson Miles is a men's skin and hair care store which uses Shopify, click here to see their men's care products online and how Shopify works for them. Below are some of the benefits that accrue with the use of wordpress websites.

Easy to use

If you want to add a new page, an image or a blog post, you can do it quickly and easily. A wordpress website uses simple technology that makes it easy to format and to update. This simplicity makes it easy to control the website without the need to wait for a web designer to make changes such as in updating. The website can be managed from any computer provided it has internet connectivity. The easiness of use extends to the software used. There is no need to use additional software such as FTP and HTML for creating a page, posting a blog or uploading images and documents.


It is easy to add plugins to the website to improve its functionality. Some of the plugins include a facebook fan box, video gallery, event calendar and twitter feed. Most plugins are free while others can be obtained at a reasonable price. A good example of a plugin is the social media plugin that can be used to publish automatically to all your social media accounts, the posts that you create on your website.


A wordpress website can be customized easily in its features and designs to create a unique site that stands out from the rest. This can be done by changing how the website will look using the custom themes that has been created. Plugins can also be used to make the website unique.

The website can also have customized footers and sidebars. Sidebars can have specific widgets such as recent posts, events, announcements, twitter, facebook and others.

Search engine optimization friendly

WordPress has implemented SEO friendly principles and techniques that make the search engines easily discover the websites. It uses simple and clean code that makes it easy for the search engines to index and read the content of the website. Wordpress also allows posts, pages and images to have meta tag keywords, titles and descriptions that can be optimized. More tags can also be included in posts to help in easy finding of internal pages. This makes wordpress websites SEO friendly and they are easily found than other static websites.


A wordpress website is scalable meaning that it grows as the business grows. The performance of the site is not affected by having many website pages and blog posts.