BLR - Blade Runner Directors Cut (5 Discs) Blu-Ray

Blade Runner Directors Cut (5 Discs) Blu-Ray
Brand: Warner
Weight: 0.300
Date Available: 03-Dec-2008
Barcode: 9325336045466
No Longer Available through Supplier
Man Has Made His Match... Now It's His Problem
Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) prowls the steel-and-microchip jungle of 21st-century Los Angeles. He's a "blade runner" stalking genetically made criminal replicants. His assignment: kill them. Their crime: wanting to be human. The story of Blade Runner is familiar to countless fans. But few have seen it like this. Because this is director Ridley Scott's own vision of his sci-fi classic. This new version omits Deckard's voiceover narration, develops in slightly greater detail the romance between Deckard and Rachael (Sean Young) and removes the "uplifting" finale. The result is a heightened emotional impact: a great film made greater. Most intriguing of all is a newly included unicorn vision that suggests Deckard may be a humanoid. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Is Deckard a replicant? As with all things in the future, you must discover the answer for yourself.

Blade Runner - Ultimate Collector's Edition    (Blu Ray)

Harrison Ford , Rutger Hauer , Sean Young ,
Ridley Scott ,
Format: (5 Discs)
Region: B
Released: 2008-12-03 - 1
Production Year: 1982
Distributor: Warner Home Video
EAN_13: 9325336045466
Run Time: 117 mins
Rating: M - Moderate violence, moderate coarse language
Consumer Advice: Moderate Coarse Language 
Moderate Violence 
Genre: Horror/Sci-Fi
Aspect Ratio:
English - Yes
Audio Commentary: Two Audio Commentaries
Documentary: Making of Blade Runner
Featurette: All our Varient Futures
Introduction: By Ridley Scott
1982 US Theatrical Cut and 1982 International Theatrical Cut and 1992 Directors Cut
Production Notes: Work Print version of Blade Runner

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