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One of the most popular screen westerns ever made, this Academy Award winning classic blends adventure, romance and comedy to tell the true story of the West's most likeable outlaws. No one is quicker..
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James Stewart (Mace Bishop) and Dean Martin (Dee Bishop) star as outlaws in Bandolero. The film begins as Dee Bishop (Martin) and his gang are about to be hanged. The Scripture-spouting executioner tu..
Ex Tax: AU$14.39
Big Jake Blu-Ray
In this action-filled Western, JOHN WAYNE stars as Big Jake McCandles, a husband who hasnt seen his wife (MAUREEN OHARA) in over 9 years. But he returns home after his grandson is kidnapped by a vicio..
Ex Tax: AU$19.57
Its been said that Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid were killed in a standoff with the Bolivian military in 1908. In Blackthorn, Cassidy (Sam Shepard) survived and is quietly living out his years un..
Ex Tax: AU$32.45
Dead Man Blu-Ray
Jim Jarmusch's iconoclastic Western features Johnny Depp as William Blake, an accountant on a mission to the town of Machine, where a job awaits him at a mine.. .but there is no job. Lost in the deser..
Ex Tax: AU$30.42
Dead in Tombstone (Blu-ray/UV)
Danny Trejo, Anthony Michael Hall and Mickey Rourke star in this fiery, action-packed battle for vengeance. As a ruthless gang overruns a small mining town, they murder their own leader; Guerrero He..
Ex Tax: AU$34.16
Deadwood: Season 1
1876. The Black Hills Indian Cession, two weeks after Custer's last stand. Witness the birth of an American frontier town - and the ruthless power struggle between its just and unjust pioneers. In an..
AU$22.69 AU$22.69
Ex Tax: AU$20.63
Deadwood: Season 2
1877. A new day is dawning in the Black Hills outlaw camp of Deadwood. For better or worse, times are changing and the transformation from camp to town is imminent. Unsavoury new arrivals - looking t..
AU$22.69 AU$22.69
Ex Tax: AU$20.63
Deadwood: Season 3
1877. The lawless era in Deadwood is coming to an end. As the town's first elections approach, it becomes apparent that, like it or not, civilisation is on its way. But a civilised town is not necessa..
AU$22.69 AU$22.69
Ex Tax: AU$20.63
Django Unchained (Blu-ray/UltraViolet)
Written and directed by Quentin Tarantino and featuring an award-winning cast, Jamie Foxx stars as Django a slave who teams up with bounty hunter Dr King Schultz (Christoph Waltz) to seek out the Sout..
AU$18.48 AU$18.48
Ex Tax: AU$16.80
Gundown, The Blu-Ray
A reclusive gun-for-hire travels the barren Arizona desert bringing wanted fugitives to justice... dead or alive. He drifts from town to town hunting down and seeking revenge on the men who killed his..
AU$10.28 AU$10.28
Ex Tax: AU$9.35
Hang Em High
They riddled him with bullets. They strung him up. They left him to die. But they made two fatal mistakes: they hanged the wrong man... and they didn't finish the job. In his first American-made weste..
Ex Tax: AU$14.39
High Plains Drifter (40th Anniversary Edition)
Clint Eastwood's second film as a director, High Plains Drifter returns the actor to his familiar scene of the Old West and his familiar role of 'The Man with No Name'. Eastwood portrays a mysterious ..
Ex Tax: AU$18.40
Hills Run Red, The Blu-Ray
At the end of the Civil War a confederate soldier Jerry Brewster (Thomas Hunter) is jailed for a heist engineered by his buddy Ken Seagull (Nando Gazzolo) who escapes with the loot and builds quite a ..
Ex Tax: AU$20.39
Army despatch rider Hondo Lane discovers a woman and her son living in the midst of warring Apaches, and he becomes their protector...
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