XB3 - Don King Prize Fighter

Don King Prize Fighter
Don King Prize Fighter
Weight: 0.100
Date Available: 03-Jul-2008
Barcode: 5026555247542
No Longer Available through Supplier

Don King Prize Fighter     (XB3)

Don King Presents Prizefighter is equal parts sports simulation and true boxing drama that takes place both inside and outside the ring. The action within the squared-circle accurately mimics the sports tactics and hard knocks by allowing players to create angles and openings using a full arsenal of true 3D, motion captured movement and punch mechanics found only in the real world sport, until now. Outside the ring, the drama continues as the player is faced with temptations inherent in any professional athletes life, where they must balance these trappings of notoriety with the hardship of training in order to find the road to glory. As the player progresses through their career, a live-action documentary tells their story, warts and all -- never before seen in any video game. Fight To Live. Live To Fight.

Format: (1 Disc)
Online Enabled: Yes
Local Players: 2
Released: 2008-07-03
Distributor: T2I
EAN_13: 5026555247542
Rating: M - Moderate Coarse Language, Sporting Violence
Genre: Sports

Developed by Venom Games, the 2K studio that brought Rocky and Rocky Legends to the Xbox and PlayStation 2, Don King Presents: Prizefighter will bring the realism of live action match-ups and the true tactics of the sweet science together for the first time.

More than just a night at the fights - players will be responsible for building a career by overcoming adversity, avoiding temptation, and balancing their commitments to train and promote, all while focusing on the goal of ultimately winning and defending the title belt. The story will be told by a revolutionary sports documentary-style narrative never before seen in a video game.

Don King Presents: Prizefighter    (X-360)

Format: (1 Disc)
Online Enabled: Yes
Region: 4
Released: 2008-07-03 - Confirmed
Production Year: 2008
Distributor: Take 2 Interactive
EAN_13: 5026555247542
Rating: M - Moderate Coarse Language, Sporting Violence
Genre: Sports
Other Genres: Boxing 
Aspect Ratio:
Full career mode in documentary style
Unique fight mechanics
40 current and legendary boxing champs
Go toe-to-toe in online mode
Star commentators and classic videos
22 fight gyms - more boxing venues than any other game 

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