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Journey To The Centre Of The Earth 2D (2008)
Professor Trevor Anderson receives his teenager nephew Sean Anderson. He will spend ten days with his uncle while his mother, Elizabeth, prepares to move to Canada. She gives a box to Trevor that belo..
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ARE YOU GAME? Robin Williams (the outrageous star of MRS DOUBTFIRE, HOOK and THE BIRDCAGE) stars as Alan Parish, whose adventure begins when he is trapped inside the magical game of JUMANJI. After 26 ..
Ex Tax: AU$28.06
Kon-Tiki (2012)
In 1947, the world is gripped with excitement as the young Norwegian adventurer Thor Heyerdahl embarks on an astonishing expedition - a journey of 4,300 nautical miles across the Pacific Ocean on the ..
Ex Tax: AU$34.50
The story of a love that can never be consummated. He is a wolf by night and she, a hawk by day - destined never to meet in human form, unless they can reverse the evil spell cast upon them.An excitin..
Ex Tax: AU$13.21
Tom Cruise stars in this visually stunning fantasy adventure in which pure good an evil battle to the death amidst spectacular surroundings. Set in a timeless mythical forest inhabited by fairies, gob..
Ex Tax: AU$18.67
Land of the Lost
Comedic genius Will Ferrell stars as has-been scientist Dr. Rick Marshall, who gets more than he bargained for when his expedition takes a wrong turn into the Land of the Lost. Now, Marshall, his crac..
Ex Tax: AU$17.18
Last Of Mohicans
Director/co-writer Michael Mann's The Last of the Mohicans is a soaring story of transcendent love, an authentically detailed recreation of a turbulent era in U.S. colonial history and an exciting sag..
Ex Tax: AU$13.20
Long John Silver
In this fully restored widescreen edition, faithfully restored to full Cinemascope glory, Long John Silver turns up on a British Caribbean island, after his Treasure Island adventure, and hears that r..
Ex Tax: AU$13.05
Lord Of the Rings - Two Towers
The Fellowship has broken, but the quest to destroy the One Ring continues. Frodo and Sam must entrust their lives to Gollum if they are to find their way to Mordor. As Saruman's army approaches, the ..
Ex Tax: AU$20.67
Lost Medallion
Archaeologist Dr Stone looked for the infamous Lost Medallion his entire life and now his son Billy has taken up the search. Unexpectedly Billy finds the medallion where nobody has ever looked before ..
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All for one and one for all! For the honor of the crown and the destiny of a country, the world's most renowned Musketeers reunite for one last epic battle. It is a time of both splendor and despair. ..
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Tyrone Power gives an outstanding performance as the alternately swishing and swashbuckling son of a nineteenth century California aristocrat. Champion of the oppressed, his enemy is a wicked governor..
Ex Tax: AU$13.21
Man Vs. Wild Deadly Encounters (Season 5 Part 1)
Armed with little more than his SAS training and adventurer's spirit adventurer Bear Grylls heads back into the wild to tackle even more extreme survival challenges in the first collection of Man Vs. ..
Ex Tax: AU$27.43
Moby Dick (1956)
A spectacular retelling of the Herman Melville classic, masterfully directed by John Huston, is unsurpassed in entertainment, imagination and high adventure. From the screenplay by Ray Bradberry and H..
Ex Tax: AU$10.05
Mysteries Of Pittsburgh
Based on Michael Chabon's novel the film chronicles the defining summer of a recent college graduate who crosses his gangster father and explores love sexuality and the enigmas surrounding his life an..
Ex Tax: AU$31.46

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