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Chris Rock: Never Scared
Named the No: 1 Comic by entertainment Weekly for 2004, Chris Rock, the three-time Emmy Award-winner, stand-up comedian, actor and host of HBOs acclaimed The Chris Rock Show, stars in his fourth solo ..
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To his friends and to his girlfriend Zoe, Nick is stuck in perpetual adolescence: he's approaching 30, lives off a trust fund, has no job and no responsibilities. When Zoe abruptly leaves him and New ..
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Tom Cruise is electrifying as Brian Flanagan, a young, confident and ambitious bartender who, with the help of a seasoned pro (Bryan Brown), becomes the toast of Manhattan's Upper East Side. But when ..
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Comes a Bright Day
When Sam (Craig Roberts), an ambitious bellboy meets Mary (Imogen Poots), an attractive jewellery sales assistant, he is very quickly and very truly smitten. Every other plan and thought goes out of t..
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Comic Book Confidential
Armed with his unique brand of comedic insight, pop-culture documentarian Ron Mann brings us the definitive look at the not-so-humble comic book. Featuring rare and hilarious archival footage from Gov..
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Coming Home
A man who believed in war! A man who believed in nothing! And a woman who believed in both of them! Sally Hyde (Jane Fonda) is borrowing. Her husband Bob (Bruce Dern) has gone to the Vietnam War. She..
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Complete Daddy Cool
The Complete Daddy Cool is a 2 disc, 4 hour treasure trove containing the definitive collection of Daddy Cool material. This essential item for every serious Australian music fan includes: * a new 75 ..
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He conquered the range. She conquered his heart. From the Louis L'Amour novel. Conn Conagher admires a woman with nerve and the widow Teale has plenty. But that doesn't mean he's ready to show up at ..
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Confessions of a Shopaholic
Mega-producer Jerry Bruckheimer brings this film based on the popular Shophaolic series of novels by UK author Madeleine Wickham, to life. The story follows a compulsive shopper up to her neck in debt..
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Conversations with Mother
Jaime has lost his job and has to provide for his wife, son and daughter. Pressured by this circumstance, he visits his mother, who lives in an apartment he owns, to ask her to move with him so he can..
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Corporation - The
Since the late 18th century American legal decision that the business corporation organizational model is legally a person, it has become a dominant economic, political, and social force around the gl..
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Ted Danson and Isabella Rossellini star in this madly-spinning marriage-go-round. Danson and Rossellini play cousins-by-marriage who pretend to be lovers in order to punish their philandering spouses ..
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Crazy, Stupid, Love
Fortysomething Cal Weaver (Steve Carell) thinks his marriage is perfect, until his wife Emily (Julianne Moore) asks for a divorce. Now Cal is single and looking for love with the help of expert lady-k..
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D.N.Angel Vol 3 - Facets Of Darkness
The life of a teenage boy certainly isnt easy under the best of circumstances, but what do you do when theres somebody else destroying your life, and hes doing it while wearing your own body? Poor Dai..
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Jim Jarmusch's quirky follow-up to his groundbreaking Stranger Than Paradise is a comic fable about finding the American dream in the most unlikely of places. After being thrown out of the house by ..
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