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Bones Season 6
The chemistry between forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and FBI homicide investigator Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) remains palpable in the sixth season of this hit Fox crim..
Ex Tax: AU$45.02
Criminal Minds Season 6
Outthink the criminals with the FBIs sharpest agents as the sixth season of Criminal Minds arrives on DVD with 24 gripping episodes. The members of the Behavioural Analysis Unit (BAU) profile uncatcha..
Ex Tax: AU$68.75
Down Terrace
DOWN TERRACE stars real-life father and son Bob and Robin Hill as Bill and Karl, the heads of a crime family struggling to keep their business together as infighting and a police informant in their mi..
Ex Tax: AU$24.04
Inspector Rex - Box Set Vol 1 (Series 1-5)
"One of Australias best-loved TV shows finally gets the quality box treatment woof, woof! Series 1 to 5 boxed up in a gorgeous kennel, just in time for Christmas. Included are the adventures of Rex wi..
Ex Tax: AU$114.43
Ironside - The Complete Seventh Season
Paralysed by a would-be assassin's bullet, Chief Ironside continues his personal war on crime from his uniquely equipped office at SFPD headquarters. By IRONSIDE's seventh season the series was a cont..
Ex Tax: AU$37.89
Ironside Season 4
Confined to a wheelchair, the result of a would-be assassin's bullet, former Chief of Detectives Robert T. Ironside has become the head of his own special police unit. Fighting crime with intelligence..
Ex Tax: AU$37.89
Lie To Me Season 3
Tim Roth stars in this detective science drama as Dr. Cal Lightman, a consultant and top expert in the field of human deception. Lightman's techniques allow him to determine whether a subject is lying..
Ex Tax: AU$45.02
Mentalist, The Season 3
This season Red John strikes into the heart of the CBI. Ever since the serial killer murdered Patrick Jane's family the California Bureau of Investigation consultant and former faux-psychic has become..
AU$30.22 AU$30.22
Ex Tax: AU$27.47
Murphys Law Season 4+5
Adapted from the successful novels penned by award-winning author Colin Bateman, Murphys Law is a moody, aesthetically dark series set in the seedy underbelly of Englands criminal world. Following the..
Ex Tax: AU$20.39
Numbers: Season 6
The FBI's most fascinating agents are back, as the hit series NUMBERS returns to DVD in its spectacular final season! Led by dedicated leader Don Epps, the top notch team of agents includes, David Sin..
Ex Tax: AU$37.23
Paul Temple - Collection 2
Before MURDER, SHE WROTE and HART TO HART there was PAUL TEMPLE: a crime writer whose pursuit of lifes richest pleasures leads to mystery, mayhem and murder. Set against the backdrop of some of the wo..
Ex Tax: AU$30.42
Sons Of Anarchy Season 2
Hang on for this high-octane thrill ride that goes even deeper into the gritty world of an outlaw biker gang! Reeling from the combined pressure of an ATF crackdown and an unprovoked murder, the Sons..
Ex Tax: AU$40.56
Touch Of Frost, A - Series 6-15 Boxset
A Touch Of Frost one of Britain's most successful television dramas stars David Jason as Detective Inspector Jack Frost - an unconventional policeman with a sympathy for the underdog and an instinct f..
Ex Tax: AU$137.15
Touch Of Frost, A Season 15
A Touch Of Frost, one of Britain's most successful television dramas, stars award winning actor David Jason as Detective Inspector Jack Frost - an unconventional policeman with a sympathy for the unde..
Ex Tax: AU$27.55
Deadlier than the Male / Some Girls Do
A fiendish master criminal is using buxom beauties to kill all business opposition. And the creation of the world's first supersonic airliner is in jeopardy when a number of irresistible girls robots ..

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