DVD - Moonlight and Valentino

Moonlight and Valentino
Brand: Magna Pacific
Weight: 0.100
Date Available: 14-Feb-2009
Barcode: 9315842007294
No Longer Available through Supplier

Moonlight and Valentino captures the warmth, spirit and laughs of four women seeking answers to some of lifes biggest questions. Rebecca Lott (Elizabeth Perkins) is left shell-shocked, confused and lonely when her husband is tragically hit by a car and killed instantly. Rebecca isnt alone long before her family and closest friend arrive on her doorstep, bringing with them their own baggage and distinctive personalities.

Moonlight and Valentino    (DVD)

Elizabeth Perkins , Whoopi Goldberg , Shadia Simmons , Erica Luttrell , Matthew Koller , Gwyneth Paltrow , Kathleen Turner , Scott Wickware , Kelli Fox , Harrison Liu , Wayne Lam , Ken Wong , Carlton Watson ,
David Anspaugh ,
Format: PAL (1 Disc)
Region: 4
Released: 2004-01-21 - Released
Production Year: 1995
Distributor: Magna Pacific
EAN_13: 9315842007294
Run Time: 105 mins
Rating: M -
Genre: Comedy
Other Genres: Comedy 
Aspect Ratio: ?
16:9 Enhanced
IMdBLink  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0113851/

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