DVD - Essential World Cinema: Italy

Essential World Cinema: Italy
Brand: shock
Weight: 0.100
Date Available: 04-Dec-2006
Barcode: 3000000061718
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Featuring the most prestigious directors in Italian cinema history, including Federico Fellini, Roberto Rossellini and Luchino Visconti.
8½ (1963): Federico Fellini's Academy Award-winning masterpiece remains one of the great films about moviemaking. Stars Marcello Mastroianni and Claudia Cardinale.
Rocco and his Brothers (1960): Starring Alain Delon (Le Samourai), Luchino Visconti's neo-realist masterpiece is a compelling chronicle of class war, personal downfall and family disintegration.
Open City (1945): Filmed in the still war-torn streets of Rome, Roberto Rossellini's Open City defined Italian neo-realist cinema and won the Palm d'Or at Cannes in 1946.

Essential World Cinema - Italy    (DVD)

Format: (3 Discs)
Region: 4
Released: 2006-12-02 - 0
Production Year: 0
Distributor: Shock Records
EAN_13: 3000000061718
Run Time: 360 mins
Rating: M - Adult themes, Medium level violence
Consumer Advice: Mature Themes 
Genre: Drama
Aspect Ratio:
Italian - Yes
Stills Gallery
Theatrical Trailer
Umbrella Propaganda
8 ½
The Lost Ending (52 mins)
Fellini Filmography

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