DVD - Nothing But Trouble (Ntsc)

Nothing But Trouble (Ntsc)
Brand: Warner
Weight: 0.100
Date Available: 14-Jun-2006
Barcode: 9325336013960
No Longer Available through Supplier

Nothing But Trouble    (DVD)

Get spooked silly when Chevy Chase and Demi Moore take a wrong turnpike exit and find \"hanging judge\" Dan Aykroyd and \"constable\" John Candy in a bizarre New Jersey burg.

Demi Moore,  Taylor Negron,  Bertila Damas, 
Dan Aykroyd, 
Dan Aykroyd, 
Robert K. Weiss, 
Format: NTSC (1 Disc)
Released: 2003-06-11
Production Year: 1991
Distributor: WAR
EAN_13: 9325336013960
Run Time: 93 mins
Rating: M -
Genre: Comedy
Layer Type: DVD5
4:3 Pan & Scan

A stock market whiz drives a New York attorney and two wealthy, eccentric clients to a business seminar. He takes a wrong turn off the New Jersey turnpike which leads them into a ramshackle, remote village called Valkenvania. A minor driving offence lands the unfortunate travellers before an ancient, IRA scible justice of the peace who bears a seething grudge against 'outsiders' and sentences them to death.

Nothing But Trouble     (DVD)

Chevy Chase , Dan Aykroyd , John Candy , Demi Moore ,
Dan Aykroyd ,
Format: (1 Disc)
Region: 4
Released: 2003-06-11 - 1
Production Year: 1990
Distributor: Warner Home Video
EAN_13: 9325336013960
Run Time: 91 mins
Rating: M -
Genre: Comedy
Aspect Ratio:
4:3 Pan & Scan
English - Yes
IMdBLink  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0102558/

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