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A Memory of Lies
When Sara Ballard (Amber Jaeger) becomes trapped inside her suburban home by the sudden onset of agoraphobia, her fear becomes a nightmare when her husband mysteriously disappears. With her sanity pus..
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Angels Crest
A young father takes his three year old son out to the woods to watch the first snow of the year. But when the child wanders off a series of devastating events unfold rocking the small community. Soon..
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Carolina Moon
Claire Forlani, Oliver Hudson and Jacqueline Bisset star in this exciting thriller about a woman returning her hometown to make peace with her unsettling past. Tory (Claire Forlani) knew couldn't be e..
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South Africa, 1985: Mandela is in prison, sanctions against the Apartheid regime are biting and the ANC is rising in audacity. In Britain under total secrecy, ANC and Afrikaner representatives argue o..
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Glorious 39
In the glorious summer of 1939, the dark clouds of war are gathering over Europe. But His Majesty's Government is torn between opposing Hitler, and forming an alliance with him. When Anne discovers so..
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In the Electric Mist
New Iberia, Louisiana. Detective Dave Robicheaux (Tommy Lee Jones) is on the hunt for a serial killer who preys on young women. Driving home from another gruesome crime scene, Dave meets glamorous Hol..
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An erotic thriller about a deadly power struggle between two women in the dog-eat-dog world of international business. Christine possesses the natural elegance and casual ease associated with one who ..
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Torn Curtain / Topaz / Frenzy / Family Plot
TORN CURTAIN Paul Newman and Julie Andrews star in this classic tale of international espionage set behind the Iron Curtain. Newman plays world famous scientist Michael Armstrong who goes to an intern..
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American Gothic - The Complete Series (Star Metal Pack Edition)
The complete cult series AMERICAN GOTHIC STEEL BOOK, produced by Sam Raimi and created by Shaun Cassidy, comes to DVD for the first time ever! Visit Trinity, South Carolina, a small town with more chi..
Carolina Moon / Montana Sky
Come Dance With Me - (Voulez-Vous Danser Avec Moi?)
Recently married to the handsome dentist Herve Dandieu, Virginie (Brigitte Bardot) discovers that her husband is incriminated in the murder of a dance school owner. Virginie starts working as a dan..
Disappeared The
"Do you believe in ghosts? Matthew didn't until his younger brother Tom disappeared from the city playground. Since that day Matthew has held himself responsible. When he begins to see images and hear..
Fallen Angel
A thrilling and absorbing drama from one of the leading lights of the film noir style, Otto Preminger! When petty conman Eric Stanton meets the gorgeous waitress Stella, he falls instantly in love. H..
Funny Games
From the award-winning director of Hidden comes Funny Games, the English-language version of Haneke's 1997 original: brutal and disturbing, Funny Games is a critique of Hollywood's penchant for creati..
Hessen Affair, The
1945 - Castle Kronberg, outside Frankfurt, is turned into a 'country club' for victorious American officers. The cynical Colonel Jack Durant and the dazzling beautiful Lieutenant Kathleen Nash uncover..

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