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Wii Fit Plus
Wii Fit Plus Wii Fit Plus
Brand: All Interactive
Weight: 0.140
Date Available: 15-Oct-2009
Barcode: 45496901707
No Longer Available through Supplier

Wii Fit Plus (Game Only)    (NWI)

Now Wii Fit Plus offers a range of new features and enhancements to help players reinvigorate their workouts, along with exercises and balance games designed to keep them fun.
Players will find a new dimension to the Wii Fit experience as they easily set their own customised workout routines or choose 20-, 30- or 40-minute workouts based on how much time they have available. Users will also be able to choose from specialised workout routines that focus on an individuals personal fitness goals or certain target areas. And with the addition of activities like Skateboarding and Rhythm Kung Fu, players will be using the Wii Balance Board accessory in a variety of new and fun ways.


*Workouts combine the original Wii Fit activities and selections from 15 new balance games and six new strength training and yoga activities.

*Users can input the amount of time they want to spend on their workouts or select an area for personal improvement, and Wii Fit Plus will suggest a number of diverse activities for them.

*For the first time, users can mix and match which strength and yoga activities they prefer on a given day. The seamless exercise flows make it easier than ever for users to maintain their daily workout routines.

*Users might be asked to run an obstacle course across a series of platforms, zoom across a beach on a Segway x2 Personal Transporter or flap their arms to help their hilarious chicken-suited characters aim for targets.

*The range of games and customisation options will make players want to play every day. Theyll be having so much fun that their workouts will seem to fly by in no time at all.

*Players also can see estimates of calories burned and can even activate a feature that lets them weigh their dogs or cats.

Format: (1 Disc)
Local Players: 1
Released: 2009-10-15
Distributor: NIN
EAN_13: 45496901707
Rating: G -
Genre: Fitness

The hit combination of Wii Sports and the Wii Remote brought golf swings and tennis serves into peoples homes. Now Nintendo turns the living room into a fitness center for the whole family with Wii Fit and the Wii Balance Board. Family members will have fun getting a "core" workout, and talking about and comparing their results and progress on a new channel on the Wii Menu.

Wii Fit Plus    (Wii)
AKA: WiiFit

Format: (1 Disc)
Max Players: 4
Max Players: 4
Region: PAL
Released: 2009-10-15 - Confirmed
Production Year: 2009
Distributor: Nintendo
EAN_13: 0045496901707
Rating: G - General
Genre: Sports
Other Genres: Special Interest 
Aspect Ratio:
Lean to block soccer balls, swivel hips to power hoop twirls or balance to hold the perfect yoga pose. As users stand on the Wii Balance Board, included with Wii Fit, their body’s overall balance is tied to the game in a way they’ve never expe
Wii Fit also uses the Wii Balance Board for daily tests. These evaluate two key measures that a household can track via progress charts:
Body Mass Index (BMI): A weight evaluation based on a ratio of weight to height.
Wii Fit Age: The Wii Fit Age is measured by factoring the user’s BMI reading, testing the user’s center of gravity and conducting quick balance tests.
Wii Fit includes more than 40 types of training activities designed to appeal to all members of a household. Training falls into four fitness categories.
Aerobic Exercise: 10-minute exercises that are designed to get the heart pumping.
Muscle Conditioning: Controlled motions using arms, legs and other body parts.
Yoga Poses: Classic poses that focus on balance and stretching.
Balance Games: Fun activities, such as ski jumping and heading soccer balls, that challenge the player’s overall body balance.

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