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Recognised as one of the great battles of World War II a significant component of the Battle of France on the Western Front - Dunkirk follows the events leading up to Operation Dynamo where the Britis..
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Everymans War
As the seasoned infantry and tank units of the German 11th Panzer "Ghost" division move silently into position on the snow covered hills around Nanning Germany a battle weary GI and his unit stand rea..
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Farewell To The King
The ultimate jungle adventure epic from the writer of Apocalypse Now! In the midst of war, one man vanished into the jungle and emerged as a king. Nick Nolte (Cape Fear) stars as Learoyd, a renegade U..
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Fixed Bayonets
A freezing snow blasts the mountain peaks of wartime Korea. A small platoon of army grunts are ordered to stay behind to protect a 15,000 man division as it moves out under heavy communist fire. One c..
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Forbidden Ground
The Western Front, 1916. The greatest battle is to survive. Forbidden Ground is the incredible World War I story of a trio of soldiers caught in an explosion and left trapped somewhere in No Man's Lan..
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Forgotten Force
Over 36000 Australian men and women part of the British Commonwealth Occupation Force marched onto Japanese soil after the atomic destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Their duty wasto help out and a..
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Fourth War
Can a war veteran survive when there is no war? Hardly so. And it is all the more difficult when there are two war heroes! Posted on each side of the Czech-West German border, US colonel Jack Knowles ..
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Game for Vultures
A tough action-packed drama set against an American terrorist war. It combines the story of two men - David Swansey (a white African patriot) and Gideon Marunga (a fierce, black freedom fighter). In L..
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Great Escape, The: The Reckoning
In March 1944, seventy-six Allied airmen broke out of Stalag Luft III, a prison camp in the heart of Nazi Germany in a story made famous by the iconic Hollywood film, "The Great Escape". Only three 'g..
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Greatest Westerns Collection, The
High Plains Drifter: A stranger rides out of the hot desert into a small town in the wild west. The towns people are scared of him, and 3 gunmen try, unsuccessfully, to kill him. He takes a room and d..
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Guns at Batasi
When the head of the British miltary in Africa is instructed to turn over command to the natice militia, he defies orders and arms himself and his followers with a cache of weapons. When Regimental Se..
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Halls of Montezuma
Richard Widmark leads an all-star cast of leathernecks-including Jack Palance, Robert Wagner, Karl Malden, Richard Boone and Jack Webb, into battle on a heavily-fortified enemy island. Their objective..
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Hellfire Pass
The construction of the Thai-Burma railway began in 1943 with a substantial number of Allied prisoners of war and Asian conscripts providing the bulk of the labour. By the time the railway was complet..
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Heroes of World War II
During the darkest days of World War II when war lords unleashed their hordes upon the free world, a handful of warriors stepped forward to lead their countrymen on the last great crusade and, in vict..
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Hitler\'s SS: Portrait of Evil
Murder and savagery are part of the brutal workings of Adolf Hitler's dreaded SS as revealed through the lives of brothers Karl and Helmut Hoffman. SS officer Helmut is assigned the task of picking ou..
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